Support Donna and Peter

Posted on11 Jun 2017
Peter and Donna, from Year Six, are raising much needed funds for St Basil’s – Aged Care Provider in Lakemba. They believe all people need to be treated with respect and

Reggio Emilia Conference

Posted on11 May 2017
From the 27th of March till the 7th of April, Mrs Vithoulka was in Italy for the Reggio Emilia Conference. The Reggio Emilia Conference provided Teachers with the opportunity

Anzac Day Service

Posted on26 Apr 2017
All Saints Grammar recognises the 25th of April as a day of national remembrance and appreciation for the men and women who fought bravely to protect our freedom. The

TED-Ed Club

Posted on12 Apr 2017
All Saints Grammar is proud to announce the start of an exciting co-curricular activity for 2017, TED-Ed Club. This program supports students in discovering, exploring and presenting their big

Greek Independence Day

Posted on10 Mar 2017
Greek Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated annually in Greece on March 25, commemorating the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821. It coincides with the Greek Orthodox Church’s

IPSHA Swimming Carnival

Posted on08 Mar 2017
The IPSHA swimming carnival is a progression carnival for independent school students to make the IPSHA Swimming team. Students who make the team then get the opportunity to compete