With a focus on identifying, nourishing and developing students’ strengths, our Wellbeing For Learning approach aims to promote a growth-mindset in every person, so that as a result of a positive mindset, everyone can actively and meaningfully engage in the learning opportunities deliberately designed for them so that they can become responsible, ethical individuals who appreciate learning and understand their place in the broader society.  At All Saints Grammar, we strive to equip students to develop their self-concept, attain a healthy level of self-esteem and high self-efficacy awareness.

Our Wellbeing for Learning program is an integral part of our deliberate attempt to nurture every student’s strengths so that they become a better person and a better learner.  As such, at All Saints Grammar, our educational philosophy embeds wellbeing as an essential component of an holistic approach to learning. 

Our approach is based on the desire to foster positive relationships that create a safe and happy environment for all students to challenge themselves to learn about themselves, and about the impact they can have on others.

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