At All Saints Grammar, every student is nurtured and encouraged to flourish as an individual with strong foundations in Hellenic culture.

All Saints Grammar has been helping shape the lives of students and partnering with families since 1990. Founded by the Parish and Community of Belmore and District, the School was established to support families in their quest to introduce and instil Hellenic values and the Orthodox Christian faith to the next generation of Greek Australians. Today, our School attracts students from many different faiths and backgrounds.

Together, we share a set of common values. Our pillars of Faith, Excellence and Respect guide our teaching and learning and are embedded in the daily life of our school. We teach and encourage our students to be courteous at all times, to respect themselves, others and the broader community. We foster excellence through our exceptional leaders and educators who challenge students to reach their academic potential through future-focused learning. We encourage our students to draw inspiration from our faith and to uphold these values in their day-to-day lives, providing a moral framework that will help them reach their full potential.


At All Saints Grammar, we believe that the foundation of a great school rests with its people. The partnership we create with our community is about more than academic success; it is about nurturing and encouraging each student to flourish as an individual, through modelling, educating and guiding the young lives entrusted to our care.

To become part of All Saints Grammar means to be part of a wonderful school community that is redefining success for all its members.

Mrs Elfa Lillis
Head of School

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