Our PreKinder provides an environment that is safe, nurturing and exciting, where children can make sense of the world, their place and the infinite possibilities.

At All Saints Grammar, we believe parents and staff should always work together to provide the best possible foundation for their child’s growth, development and love of learning. Our PreKinder program, catering for children turning three and four (by the end of May in the year of commencement), empowers children to discover their true potential as they create meaning in their world, stretch their creative thinking, practise social skills, meet new challenges and build resilience. We teach children about diversity and acceptance and celebrate each child’s individuality on a journey of learning, friendships, collaboration, wonder, inquiry, creativity, expression, experimentation and reflection.

Our PreKinder program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy – an approach to early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable and resilient. We are child-centred with the view that children learn best through interaction with parents, staff, peers and the environment, with an innate understanding of how to relate to the world. The job of the teacher is to nurture that ability so that the child can grow and learn. The physical environment of the Preparatory Learning Centre, the ‘third educator’, is designed to provoke and stimulate the child to undertake extended exploration and problem solving.

In the PreKinder program, emphasis is placed on communication, social skills, early numeracy, early literacy, gross and fine motor skills and scientific concepts. Learning takes place through creative play, group work, investigation, music, drama and individual learning situations. Our specialist staff also work with children who attend the Primary campus for lessons in Library, Music and Physical Education, as well as Greek teachers for language activities. The School offers a two, three or five-day option for each age group.

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