Our Primary Campus (K-6) is a dynamic and stimulating place, where we guide our students to grow and develop into confident, lifelong learners.

Our Primary School learning programs cultivate curiosity and the enthusiasm young children bring to school each day. Each area of learning offers rich learning experiences, together with a wide variety of co-curricular activities. At All Saints Grammar, we understand that children learn in different ways and at varying paces. Through creating differentiated learning programs, tailored to meet the needs of every individual in the classroom, we allow our students to become more engaged in the learning process and motivated to reach their full academic potential.

The focus of learning in these years is the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History and Geography, Visual Arts, and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE). Specialist teachers provide instruction in Greek Orthodox (Religious) Education, Modern Greek, Greek Dance, Art, ICT, Library, Music and Sport. In Years 5 and 6, the program encourages greater flexibility and self-discipline to prepare students for Secondary School. Whilst continuing to offer rich learning experiences, students are familiarised with the daily routines of the Secondary Campus to help ease the transition.

In order for all students to reach their full learning potential and achieve their goals, the School offers academic enrichment to students requiring support or extension. Our Learning Support staff closely monitor students to ensure individual needs are being met and any barriers to learning are addressed, with in-class support, small group instruction or more intensive programs offered. Our Gifted and Talented staff understand that nurturing the gifts and abilities of students is an important balance of academic, social and emotional needs. Strategies include a differentiated curriculum, small group withdrawals, external competitions and opportunities, and subject/grade acceleration where appropriate.

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