Music is central to the cultural life of All Saints Grammar. Through music, our students foster an understanding of continuity and change, and of the connections between different times and cultures. It is a medium for the expression of emotion and imagination, enabling the sharing of ideas, feelings and experiences. Beyond the School’s Music curriculum, there are many co-curricular and performance opportunities on offer where students can showcase their talents through musical soirees, talent quests and performance evenings.

At our Primary Campus, students participate in weekly lessons with specialist Performing Arts teachers, engaging in singing, movement and drama as well as learning fundamental music concepts. While there is a strong focus on music appreciation, there is an emphasis on creativity, with students given performance opportunities in the classroom and formal settings.

Starting from Year 1, there are opportunities for students interested in music to take part in bands, choirs and ensembles and for choristers to take part in the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival held at the Town Hall every second year.

At our Secondary Campus, Music is a mandatory subject in Years 7 and 8 and is offered as an elective in Years 9 to 12. All students in Year 7 and Year 8 take part in a band program, where they learn to play an instrument, such as flute, trumpet, clarinet, as well as learning to play as part of a band.

The elective Music course highlights the importance of Music as an academic subject within the School’s curriculum through to Stage 6 HSC Music. A variety of musical styles are studied, ranging from the Baroque and classical periods to today’s modern music. It fosters knowledge, understanding and skills that contribute to lifelong learning, and to the appreciation and enjoyment of music.

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