How to Enrol

At All Saints Grammar our enrolment procedures are focused on providing guidance to parents wishing to enrol students of all year levels.

We aim to ensure that the school’s policies are upheld and all enrolment procedures followed to help maintain a smooth transition into both our Primary and Secondary School.

Enrolments are managed by the Director of Enrolments in consultation with the Head of School.

The main entry points are Pre-Kindergarten (turning 3 years of age by the end of May in their year of admission); Kindergarten (turning 5 by the end of May in their year of admission); and Years 5, 7 and 11. However under certain circumstances and providing places are available, intakes may be accepted in other years.

Enrolment Enquiry Form


    • Parents interested in enrolling students into either the Pre-Kindergarten program or for Kindergarten entry are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible, following the birth of their child.
    • Parents wishing to gain entry into Year 7 should submit an application prior to their child entering Year 5.
    • All applications must be in writing. An Application for Enrolment form can be downloaded from our website. You are also welcome to complete the form at interview with the Head of School, Head of Campus or the Director of Enrolments.
    • Applications must address the criteria listed on the application form, including payment of the appropriate Application Fee.
    • All applications must be accompanied by a copy of your child’s Birth and Baptism certificates and Immunisation History Statement.

Waiting List

Submission of an Application for Enrolment form should not be considered as a guarantee of a position.

The application form is a registration of interest in attending the school and will be processed in the order that it is received relative to other applications and in accordance with the School Enrolment Policy.

If a place is not available for the year requested, with the approval of parents, the school will maintain the application on its active waiting list for future years until a suitable place may become available.

Existing Families

All Saints warmly welcomes enrolment applications from existing families at the school. Siblings of existing families will have preference of place in the waiting list. Parents are to lodge an Application for Enrolment form as soon as possible to assist the school in maintaining an accurate waiting list particularly for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten entry.

If an application is not received prior to conducting its annual enrolment offers (usually at the beginning of the year before entry) the school cannot guarantee that a place will still exist.

The Enrolment Process

All applications submitted for inclusion in the waiting list are acknowledged by provision of a receipt for the Application Fee.

Parents/guardians will be invited to attend an interview with the Head of School or Head of Campus (New Families) or the Director of Enrolments (Existing Families) prior to joining the School.

Students applying for Year 7 entry will also be invited to attend an interview. The interview helps to establish that parent expectations and student needs are clearly compatible with the philosophy and offerings of the school and that the school has the capacity to meet those expectations and needs.

An offer of enrolment is based on a variety of factors such as, but not limited to:

  • Availability of a suitable place in the requested year of entry
  • Date of application
  • Siblings attending the school
  • A Parent or sibling who is an ex-student of the school
  • The student’s ability to benefit from the programs provided by the school
  • Parents who are Christian Clergy

Offers will be made following these interviews.

On receipt of a formal Letter of Acceptance, families have 30 days to accept the place. Acceptance is acknowledged by returning the Letter of Acceptance form with the required Enrolment Fee. This fee is non-refundable and is made in accordance with the school’s guidelines relating to payment of the enrolment fee.

Parents who wish their child’s application to remain on the waiting list will be contacted approximately 12 months prior to the entry date requested if a position is available with an offer to secure the position as detailed above.

Students and parents are invited to attend various orientation events prior to commencement.

Parents who submit applications will be placed on a mailing list to receive publications and updates about the school.

Students wishing to gain entry at Year 7 or Year 11 level can also apply to ACER to sit the CSTP Scholarship Examination which is usually held in February of the year prior to entry. Notification of the examination and how to register will be forwarded to parents who have lodged an Application for Enrolment at the school.   Information on how to register for the ACER exam can also be found on our website.

For enrolment enquiries, an Information Pack or Prospectus please contact the Director of Enrolments via the Enrolment Enquiry Form on this page.

Enrolment Application Form and Fees