Throughout Term 3, we celebrated significant events on the educational calendar with Science Week and Book Week. These events celebrated the outstanding achievements of our students, school and the continuous learning journey.

We were again reminded about the importance of student wellbeing on R U OK? DAY. As a school we are very fortunate to have such a strong sense of community and connection. This gives us the ability to engage with and check in with family and friends not just annually on R U OK? DAY but every day.

Sport at ASG has returned to the pre-covid standard with fantastic results and updates across all campuses.

It was an exciting time for Year 8 and 10 students as they selected electives for next year. Our Senior students reached educational milestones with those in Year 11 undergoing their preliminary HSC and those in Year 12 completing 13 years of schooling.

We will soon be sharing the professional photography taken at the Year 12 Valedictory Assembly and the formal dinner via Sentral. I hope this will serve as a wonderful memento to our year 12 student families.

Parent/Carer Feedback and Suggestions – Now Available on Parent Portal
I would like to inform our parent community we have introduced a new feedback/suggestion feature to our parent portal. This is an opportunity for parents/carers to submit feedback or suggestions on all areas of the school, anytime. You can access the link by logging into the parent portal under ‘Links’. All feedback will be reviewed and responded to. Suggestion boxes have also been placed at both campuses. Parents/carers may remain anonymous if they choose to.

Year 12 Farewell Message
Term 3 marks the end of 13 years of formal schooling for our Year 12 students. It’s a time of thanks. A time to say thanks to those who nurtured you, taught you, supported you, cheered you on and dried your tears.

There’s a sense of profound sadness as you ponder the notion that many of the friendships you’ve made over the years may fade; that you’ll no longer be able to call on the wonderful teachers who made such a difference to your lives and who you could count on for a sympathetic ear, and that you’ll be leaving a wonderful School that has cared and nurtured you for the better parts of your lives. Your School, in partnership with your parents, has been there to support and guide you, and has played an integral part in shaping you in to the wonderful young people you have become.

It has been an honour and a privilege to walk this journey with you and to see you grow into the wonderful, resilient young people that you are. We are very proud of you, of all that you have achieved so far, and what you are becoming.

I have always asked you to be the best that you can be. I have confidence that you will be. What does it really mean though, to be the best you can be and how do you make it real?

Your primary and secondary education has done more to form you for the rigours of a successful life than probably any other formal learning experience you will have. This has been the time when learning has had the greatest impact. That is because your school years are a time when the formation of hearts and minds, provides a foundation for the adults you are becoming.

Your lives will be full of excitement, joy and satisfaction in the relationships you build, as you connect with others and engage in life’s opportunities. The celebration of the end of schooling is one of those experiences and I hope you relish it.

But, life will also present challenges, heartache and suffering. This is the nature of being and part of what it means to be human.

My advice to you all? Embrace challenges, aim high and learn what you can from the necessary and unpredictable chaos that we all experience at one time or another in our lives. Do enjoy the successes, victories and joys that life brings you, and ride the wave. But, when there’s no surf and things don’t turn out as you expect, choose the essentially human experience of being; that is, to embrace hardships and disappointments, commit to learn from them and become better for it.

Draw on your values and the pillars of our school: faith, excellence and respect. When you find yourselves challenged, use these as your moral compass to inform whatever choice of action you may determine. Be the best you can be by being honest with yourself and others, by being present, empathetic, and engaged, acting in your own best interests, balanced with the needs of others and those of the greater good. Do what is right and pursue what is meaningful, not what is easy and expedient. Remember the friendships you formed while at All Saints Grammar. Cherish these and remember their intensity. I don’t think anyone ever has friends like the ones they had during their school years. I encourage you to maintain the wonderful friendships you have formed here. Thank your friends for being with you on your journey and acknowledge them with gratitude and love.

We cannot forget the commitment, love and support of your parents who do so much to support the school and ensure you are cared for and loved. We feel privileged and proud that they have entrusted us with the stewardship of your education. We know they are sharing in your success as well.

Your teachers have also played a key role in shaping you and their guidance, advice, care and support is commendable. Their unwavering dedication to your education and wellbeing cannot be understated. I’d like to acknowledge their service to you – past and present, as they have indeed, made such a difference in your lives.

We have played an honourable and very rewarding role shaping you into the wonderful young people you have become and are all so proud of each and every one of you.
Year 12 students, I encourage you to stay close to your faith, nourish the love your family gives you, surround yourself with good people and never compromise your self-respect and respect for others. Continue to grow in your capacity to be good and to do good. Be resilient, hardworking and persistent, dream big and lofty dreams and face challenges with courage. Make a commitment to life-long self-improvement. This is my heartfelt advice to you all.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire School community, I wish you the very best for your upcoming HSC. You are on the final lap now and I would encourage you to stay focused and positive until your last examination. You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you complete the final hurdle. Thank you for the wonderful memories, the wonderful journey we took together, and thank you for reminding us of the value of our profession. You make our efforts worthwhile. It has been an honour to walk alongside you and serve you as your Principal.

Goodbye and May God bless you always.