ASG Sport Update

Sport has enjoyed a welcoming resurgence amongst schools during 2022. With restrictions eased, students had the opportunity to play competitively once again, offering them experiences that had been forgotten during the pandemic. Athletics meets were back and competitive sports returned to our sporting landscape.

Athletics Championships
Earlier this term, students in Years 3 to 12 participated at their respective school athletics championships which took place at a new venue this year, Sylvania Waters Athletics Track. Primary students who performed well at our school championships had the opportunity to compete at the Independent Primary Schools Heads of Australia (IPSHA) Athletics Championships. Our Secondary students competed at the South Western Independent Schools Sports Association (SWISSA) Athletics Competition.
Primary students who made the IPSHA team had the opportunity to compete at the Primary Combined Independent Schools (CIS) championships. While the Secondary students who performed well at SWISSA participated at the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES) championships to make the Secondary CIS team.

Outdoor Sports Affected by Weather
Although COVID -19 restrictions eased, 2022 presented different challenges. Wet weather decimated our sporting fields which caused the cancellation of several rounds throughout Primary and Secondary competitions. As a result, the Primary Independent Primary Schools Sports Organisation (IPSSO) sport competition will not play finals this year with the focus being on participation. The Secondary SWISSA competition suffered fewer disruptions and went ahead, while the Under 15’s Boys Oz Tag team prepared for their finals.

Professional Coaching
This term we also continued with our initiative to deliver expert coaching to our competitive teams and our Secondary girls Netball teams had the opportunity to work with Diana Photis while our Primary footballers worked with Football Brilliance Academy, run by former ASG alumni Nick Mouzourakis. Congratulations to both Junior and Senior netball teams who made it to the finals!

Term 4 also presents exciting opportunities for our students. On the Primary Campus our senior girls and boys will be competing in the Wanderers Cup Gala Day on 8 November. In the same week, All Saints Grammar and St Euphemia College will compete in Rugby League for boys and Oz Tag for girls on 10 November. Further details will be available closer to the date. Perhaps the most exciting event of the athletics calendar for 2022, the mini athletics carnival for Infants which will take place on 4 November.

Duke of Edinburgh Update
Ms McPherson has worked tirelessly to organise and attend the Duke of Edinburgh camp, accompanied by Mr Smith, with Year 9. Congratulations to Mark Ullman for completing his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Mark has worked tirelessly, and quietly, as he progressed through each level of The Award, having now successfully attained the Bronze, Silver and Gold! The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award operates in more than 130 countries and territories around the globe. From 2017 onwards, there have been just over 3000 participants achieve the Gold Award in NSW; making Mark’s achievement all the more remarkable. Congratulations, Mark! We are exceptionally proud of your accomplishments.

Year 9 Bronze Combo Camp
Year 9 students successfully completed their Bronze Combo Hike earlier this term. Students undertook the journey where they hiked, navigated, set up camp, worked collaboratively and identified individual and collective strengths.

Students are to be commended on the positive attitude they displayed at all times. They were continually willing to engage with activities that required them to work beyond their comfort zone; where they thrived! Students went home from camp with a sense of pride and accomplishment, and perhaps a new appreciation of their own strengths and capabilities.

Mr Tony Georgiakakis
Academic Leader of Sports and PDHPE