R U OK? DAY 2022

On the 8 September, ASG students reminded each other that any day is the day to ask, “Are you OK?” As human beings we thrive on connection. This is one of the many aspects that separates ASG from other schools – it is our sense of community and connection. Not just annually but to continually check in on our family and friends.

At Primary, throughout the term we have facilitated Friendship and Feelings workshops for Years 2 and 4. These workshops covered a variety of different topics such as what is friendship, anger, bullying, respect and empathy. These workshops provided students with the opportunity to discuss their feelings and to learn new strategies to build their resilience.

At Secondary, during our pastoral sessions, we have been visiting different approaches on how to ask someone if they are Ok? Strategies covered included:

  • Listening In
  • Signs someone may not be ok
  • Supporting your mates
  • When to connect with someone

If you have asked someone, “R U OK?” and they said they aren’t – what do you do next? If they have been really down for more than two weeks, it could be time for them to seek professional advice. The best first stop is the GP.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s mental wellbeing or that of a friend’s, please contact the school counsellor.

Support services to consider:

Gabrielle Stafford and Sally Curtis
ASG School Counsellors