I began working at All Saints Grammar Primary in 2003. I had previously taught at Waverley College after completing my Bachelor of Education (Primary) at ACU, but welcomed the opportunity to work in a
co-educational school and one that was aligned to my Faith and Hellenic heritage. Having grown up in a Greek/Australian household, it gave me great comfort knowing that I would be directly involved with inspiring future generations of learners, and most importantly, I would be assisting young people to embrace and understand our Greek traditions, the culture and Greek Orthodox faith.

After promoting and aligning my teaching practice with the school’s ethos and having worked with countless families throughout my teaching time, I knew that my own children would be students of All Saints Grammar. I wanted them to flourish, and I knew that they would be enriched by belonging to a school that welcomes all yet maintains a wonderful sense of community. Through the holistic approach to student growth, all children who attend our school have been encouraged to be themselves, try their hardest and participate fully in the opportunities they have been afforded.

Since starting at the Lakemba Campus all those years ago, I have taught every grade from K – 6 and that is one of the privileges of working with a team of educators who allow their staff great opportunities. I have coached sporting teams, facilitated Debating and Tournament of the Minds teams, as well as witnessed generations of students open themselves up to challenges faced in new environments and situations given to them at school camps, excursions and at a vast array of sporting events.

I am a flexible teacher who only ever wants what is best for her students. I am proud of every child who has ever left my classroom. I cannot single out a solo achievement as one that I am most proud of, however it gives me great joy when ex-students, be it at the Year 12 Valedictory, or even at the shops, stop to say hello and share fond memories of the classroom and our time together. The honour of seeing the 2022 Year 12 cohort finish their educational journey and knowing that I began it with them, is beyond measure. I only hope that the future of education will continue to allow me and other teachers to enjoy these simple pleasures.