We have been distant from one another in the physical sense as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic for some time now. At School though, we have been working arduously to ensure that we continue to improve our operation in every possible way.

Over the last year, we have consulted with our community of parents via a survey where we sought your feedback on areas for improvement. It became clear through your responses that we needed to find better ways to communicate our School’s goals and our strategies to achieve those aims. We initiated a process of reviewing, evaluation and change.

We want our School to be a dynamic educational organisation; modern and innovative, with a clear direction and strategy. At the centre of this goal, is the pursuit of developing structures, methodologies, frameworks and processes that can best enable the development of a centre of excellence where every child can grow to be a better person and a better learner.

This vision is captured in our strategic graphic which represents the various layers of our educational philosophy and in the coming editions of this newsletter, you will be able to read more detailed explanations of the elements of this philosophy. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit our website, where you can familiarise yourself with our School vision.

As part of the renewal of our visual identity, we have relaunched a modern and user-friendly website. The new design is a product of which our community can be proud. It is modern, attractive and appealing. It is much more than just an improvement in the aesthetics and the appearance though. It is a revitalised reflection of what we strive for in everything we do. We want our community, our staff, our students, to be future oriented, dynamic and aspire to succeed in achieving success.

And then, of course, there is our newly developed e-newsletter, The ASG Column, of which this is in fact our first edition. It has been borne out of the feedback our parent body gave us through a survey earlier this year. On a monthly basis, we hope to be able to capture and bring to your attention the important aspects of the daily life of our School. Our students’ engagement in learning activities, our progress in various projects that we may be undertaking, as well as valuable educational advice, will all feature in this e-newsletter.

We hope that our communication through this medium can increase the connections we build with you and the broader community. It is only through the building of a strong community that our School and our students will have the necessary support to help us grow and continue to improve.

There are many other projects that we are currently pursuing. All in view of improving the education experience we offer every student that comes to our School. We will continue to keep you informed of our progress.

Elfa Lillis
Head of School