Teaching and learning in 2020 looks very different compared to this time last year. If we were to transport ourselves back in time, it would be impossible to imagine the circumstances we have had to endure so far this year. And yet, as a School, we have excelled in the deliverance of educational experiences to our students in the various methods with which we have had to adapt. These different learning modes have included blended learning, virtual online, video conferencing and in-person teaching.

Our teachers have reacted to the new contingencies well and have been able to use our guiding principles to extend the in-person learning to the virtual, online environment, as well as continuing to provide an engaging experience for every student. Years of innovative integration of technology and using our learning management System, Canvas, has given our School a strong foundation to offer quality learning under very different conditions.

A high standard of teaching and learning for a holistic education at All Saints Grammar involves these four dimensions:

  • Intellectual Rigour
    Deliberately designing students’ access to robust and relevant learning experiences to equip them with the skills needed for the demands of a globalised and unpredictable future.
  • Character Values
    Deliberately engaging with parents and the broader community to instil in students core ethical values so that they can develop as individuals with a clear sense of social responsibility, ready to contribute to the betterment of their world.
  • Emotional Balance
    Deliberately fostering opportunities for students to develop a strong sense of their ability to engage with and overcome challenges with confidence, with a positive and self-reflective mindset.
  • Cultural, Social, Spiritual Connection
    Deliberately creating opportunities for students to learn the value of connectedness in providing them with a sense of belonging which enhances the development of their personal identity.

Even under the unexpected conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, our teachers embraced this challenge to create new opportunities for further growth, for themselves as professionals, but also for every student under their care.

We have gained valuable insights that are likely to inform our practice well into the future. Importantly, our parents, our students and our community can rest assured in the knowledge that All Saints Grammar is ready to safeguard the holistic education every child is provided with at our School; an education where every child can grow into a better person and a better learner.

Jaime Rodriguez
Deputy Head of School/Head of Secondary