Faith, Excellence, Respect…our three Pillars. How do we live up these Pillars? How do we make them an integral and active part of our everyday school environment?

Our philosophy at All Saints Grammar develops and promotes a holistic education. An education where the student is central in achieving not only the best learning outcomes but also becoming the best version of themselves – a better person and a better learner. A person who is culturally, socially and spiritually connected and has a great awareness of not only their local community but also a person with a global perspective.

Social connection is defined as the interpersonal and interdependent closeness between people, resulting in a sense of belonging. Social connection is a sense of trust and belonging in one’s community. It is a feeling of being accepted and appreciated for one’s best qualities. Social connection is critical to physical and mental wellbeing. In educational contexts, it is increasingly evident from neuroscientific research that a sense of belonging has a profound effect on the knowledge and skills that students can learn, retain, and apply.

Research indicates that a socially connected student:

  • Looks forward to going to school
  • Feels that they are liked and accepted for who they are at school
  • Feels close to teachers, staff, and peers at school
  • Feels like a valued part of the school
  • Feels that they are part of the decision-making process on issues that matter to them and affect them
  • Cares what the teacher thinks of them and cares about the teacher’s wellbeing
  • Trusts that their teacher and other adults in the school care about their wellbeing and academic progress and will help them when they need it
  • Takes on the values and culture of the school.

Our rich Hellenic heritage enables our students to build a strong cultural connection. It provides a platform where students cultivate not only a deeper understanding but a link to our past. This was quite evident in the School’s recent commemoration of 28 October known as “OXI Day”. Under normal circumstances the commemoration would have taken place in All Saints Grammar Greek Orthodox Church where our whole community would have come together and reflected on the significance of this historical event.

One way of displaying our cultural, social and spiritual connection is with ‘Service Learning’. Service Learning combines academic learning with social responsibility and benefits both the students and the community. Students who learn to build bonds with their community are more skilled at creating rich and enduring social connections with other students and adults at school. All our students PK to Year 12 students will have the opportunity to take part in the All Saints Grammar Christmas Appeal in support of our local community and in this way continue to affirm All Saints Grammar students as better learners and better people.

Faith, Excellence, Respect – evident in our daily interactions.

A Better Person and a Better Learner – this is what we continue to not only strive for but to make it come alive in the face of an All Saints Grammar student through their cultural, social and spiritual connectedness.

Thomas Psomas
Head of Student Wellbeing/Head of Primary