At the forefront of our minds in our daily operation is to find ways to engage our students in a practical application of the values and set of beliefs we espouse as a school and as a community. We not only want to talk about being a better person. We want to ensure that our students can grow into better persons by doing good deeds. As we get closer to the end of a most difficult year, our school is dedicating time to engage students in activities beyond the classroom.

As part of our Wellbeing for Learning program, staff and students are engaged in a series of special events that involve community service. These initiatives are aimed to further increase their understanding of social responsibility, and the impact they can have on others.

As such, a number of community engagement projects are being undertaken this Term. We want students to be compassionate towards those most in need. With this in mind, students across the school will be asked to donate their time as well as goods towards the preparation of personal hygiene packs, collection of toys – in time for Christmas, and cooking for the most vulnerable.

In addition, students across the school will attend a Divine Liturgy on their designated day in the coming weeks. Years 6 to 9 will attend, either St George Monastery (Yellow Rock) or St Dionysios Church (Mangrove Mountain) where they will attend liturgy and then offer their assistance with some general cleaning and housekeeping of the church and surrounding grounds. More details about these visits will be sent over the coming week.

The word ‘Philotimo and the meaning associated around this word, is deeply entrenched in each of us and the way we think, act and feel. This fine quality is an exemplar in our faith and Hellenic culture and it must be passed on to our children. That is, our children must learn the virtue of doing good deeds for others without expecting anything in return.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings at the school, we are endeavouring to ensure both our students and parents are able to share in key events and remain connected to their community. One of our key strengths is the unique and very powerful sense of belonging our community shares. As a result of the many restrictions imposed by COVID-19, this has been the most difficult for us. For this reason, we will be broadcasting virtually a number of noteworthy events that are key milestones for our children, such as Years 3 to 6 and Years 7 to 11 Speech Days, and final Years K to 2 Assembly. Additional details will be sent to parents over the next week.

HSC Examinations

Year 12 students commenced their examinations on Tuesday 20 October, with us coming together in the morning to share in prayer offer support and encouragement. The examinations will conclude on Wednesday 11 November. Our students have been through what is probably the most challenging year for each of them. We continue to be proud of their resilience, courage and dedication and pray to our Lord to provide them with the strength they require.

Primary Years Programme (PYP) PK-6

An All Saints Grammar education is wrapped around the fundamental ideal that it must develop the whole child. Our philosophy of Better Person, Better Learner is closely linked to the ‘IB Primary Years Programme’, a programme that is designed to encourage both personal and academic achievement. I, together with the staff, am very excited to announce that in 2021 our PK to Year 6 students and staff will begin the transition to PYP. In essence, students will continue to experience deeper levels of learning through a continuation of our approaches to teaching and learning. Our Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6) will have a main teacher who will contribute to the development of the whole, together with our usual specialist teachers. A clearly focused program of study will inform our operation so that every student’s learning is enhanced to their maximum potential. In the new year we will have information sessions as we embark on this exciting learning journey. To read more about the programme, please refer to Mr. Rodriguez’s article in this newsletter.

Elfa Lillis
Head of School