Staff Member in Focus Mrs Katie Dunstan

I have worked at All Saints Grammar for the past 12 years. I currently teach Physical Education (PE) and sport from PreKinder to Year 4. I coach Oz-tag at our Primary School and love being so active every day with our amazing students. Before having children of my own, I taught many different grades here at All Saints Grammar. I thrive on seeing our students achieve their goals and have always been very passionate about teaching.

When I was given the opportunity to teach PE to PreKinder to Year 4, I accepted it with such excitement. I value the impact of the skills developed in these lessons, and how they translate to so many different areas in our students’ lives.

During the challenging period of online learning, the PE department demonstrated remarkable creativity in adapting to online learning, ensuring our students remained as active as possible. This experience was both challenging and rewarding for me to witness students step out of their comfort zone and show such resilience. 

My proudest accomplishment was last year, when I saw the students who I taught in Year 1 graduate Year 12. It was a very emotional and proud moment as I saw how far they had come from learning how to read to completing their HSC.

I love ASG because of the wonderful community we have. The students and their families are wonderful and of course our staff are so passionate and dedicated, it makes coming to work each day easy.

Mrs Katie Dunstan
PDHPE and Sport PK-6