Message from the Head of School

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions that defined the academic journey of 2023. I am filled with profound appreciation for the collaborative spirit that defines the All Saints Grammar community.

Months of work, hours of discussions, preparation, homework, teaching, interviews of one kind or another, excursions, sport, music, extra curricular, and of course, assessments and feedback. It is a testament to the collaborative efforts of educators, parents, and, of course, our cherished students.

What sets us apart from many other schools is not just our shared Hellenic heritage, language, culture, and faith, but the collective vision for our students. We aspire to nurture well-rounded individuals, connected to their roots, successful in their chosen domains, and responsible global citizens.

This vision materialises in initiatives like our commitment to the Saint Nicholas Academy Mission, where our students, raised over $5,000 providing tangible proof of their impact on the lives of others.

Simply put at All Saints Grammar, we aspire to shape Better Persons, and Better Learners. This is a collective effort. Teachers, parents, and students must unite in this endeavour, reinforcing true partnerships that pave the way for individual and collective success.

This year marked significant achievements in our ongoing commitment to enhancing facilities at the Secondary Campus. The completion of our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, a project totalling over $250,000. Additionally, we invested over $100,000 in refurbishing students’ restroom facilities, with further extensive improvements earmarked for the coming year. In response to growing enrolments, the All Saints Grammar Board of Directors is actively prioritising the expansion of general classrooms, specialist rooms, and the development of a versatile multipurpose hall. Comprehensive planning is already in progress to ensure that these enhancements align seamlessly with our mission of fostering a dynamic and enriched educational environment.

Over the Christmas break the Primary Campus classrooms will be repainted and air-conditioning will be installed on Upper ground and Level 1 offering air-conditioning throughout the Primary Campus. Our aim is to also raise enough funds throughout 2024 to air-condition our gymnasium, estimated cost for this project is $200,000.

I would like to congratulate our incoming School Captains, Karina Giokaris and Vasileios Manis, our Primary Captains Sarah Baldas and Panos Kamarinas and all the newly appointed Peer Support Leaders. We are confident that you will be fine role models and ambassadors for our community and will wear your badge with honour.

A deeply felt thank you also to the All Saints Parents Association (ASPA), for not only organising fundraising initiatives for our community but for doing a remarkable job in bringing our community together so our families can feel a real sense of belonging. We are so grateful for your support and contributions; they are so vital to the success of our school. This commitment is a critical aspect of what it means for us to stand well, as a school community.

To Father Chris and Father Dimitri, whose wisdom, care and spiritual guidance form the bedrock of building a proud and passionate community that stands well. We all thank you for being with us and ensuring we are always striving to be better versions of ourselves.

To the Chair of the Board of Directors Mr Ulysses Ntoumbos and all the Directors who work to sustain our prosperity and our success as a school. I offer you our most sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for your commitment to excellence in the governance of our school and for your support and leadership.

2024 Primary and Secondary Student Leadership Team
Congratulations to our elected 2024 Student Leaders. I know that you will excel in your new roles. The skills you acquire on this journey will instil lifelong values and prepare you for future beyond the school gates.

Primary Campus School Captains
Sarah Baldas
Panos Kamarinas

Primary Campus  Student Leaders                              
Stella-Marie Dion
Livia Faulkner
Victoria Georgopoulos
Mariah Jones
Yianna Kamarinas
Peter Louca
Yanna Michael
Ayush Prasad
Luca Sammut
Stephanie Tsouskas

Secondary Campus School Captains
Karina Giokaris
Vasileios Manis

Secondary Campus Student Leaders
Katerine Atsalis
Chloe Asimakoulas
George Galanos-Stellios
Irene Kaloudis
Nathaniel Karadimas
Leah Katsaros
Marianna Lillis
Michael Loupis
Natasha Marijan
Andrea Mavrommatis
Antonia Zaharopoulos

Secondary Campus Peer Support Leaders
Harris Anagnostou 
Victoria Athanasatos 
Sienna Boursianis 
Gary Brown
Thomas Chronis  
Marie Doukas 
Dimitra Gerassis  
Stella Kaloudis  
Eleni Kottaras  
Evangelina Loupis  
Bill Lytsioulis  
Gia Manstos  
Michaela Margiankakos  
Eleni Michailou 
Natalia Papas  
Vanessa Polyzois  
Ellen Salmon  
Kyara Theodosiou  
Angelica Torres  
Emma Tzimoulas  
John Vardakas 

Improved School Fee Payment Options for Families
All Saints Grammar is always on the lookout to improve services for our families. We recognise that for many of our families, school fees can represent a significant portion of the family budget and many of our families would welcome greater flexibility around the management of these payments.

We are therefore pleased to announce that All Saints Grammar has partnered with specialist provider, Edstart, to make managing your school fee payments easier. Edstart offers an easy, flexible, and zero-cost way for you to pay your school fees in periodic instalments that suit your family budget. This new payment method will allow you to spread your fees into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments over the school year, with the ability to choose your preferred day for when payments are made.

With your child’s outcomes at the heart of what we do, parent fees are crucial to the school’s sustainability. While we put our resources into striving to deliver the very best education and environment for our students, the team at Edstart are experts in their field and are best placed to assist our families with flexible fee payment options moving forward. From next year, we are pleased to share that all instalment payments will be made via Edstart. We are always here to help with any questions and will work closely with Edstart for a smooth transition, with more information to follow in the New Year. 

I eagerly anticipate the opportunities and blessings the new year holds, as the accomplishments we’ve achieved this year serve as a promising sign that our future is bright.

School resumes for all students on Wednesday 31 January 2024. I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and may 2024 be filled with health, peace, and happiness for us all.

Thank you and God bless.