All Saints Grammar prides itself in providing a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment where students are offered an array of opportunities. Within this setting, student wellbeing becomes an essential focus to enhance both the academic and social development of our students as they strive to become not only better learners but better people.

This was certainly evident during the period of remote learning in Semester 1. Teachers continued with their ongoing commitment towards their students by providing robust and engaging lessons to not only maintain their student’s learning but to also further motivate the students in their academic pursuits.

However, for students to flourish academically, their wellbeing must be prevalent in their daily interactions. Teachers ensured student wellbeing was at the forefront of their key messages during each videoconference. Teachers addressed any specific concerns by reaching out to students or their parents, and then subsequently ensured that wellbeing was front of mind when students transitioned back to school.

The connection between home and school is pivotal to ensure that wellbeing is constantly supported, reinforced and promoted, therefore safeguarding our students from possible risks. Students end up cultivating a strong sense of belonging and together with a growth mindset they are able to develop as resilient individuals.

Research (e.g. Ng, B 2018, ‘The Neuroscience of Growth Mindset and Intrinsic Motivation’, MDPI Journal, vol.8, no. 20.) is increasingly demonstrating that the mindset students hold about their intellectual ability can have a significant impact on their motivation and success in school. When students have a growth mindset, in which they believe that intelligence can be developed through effort and instruction for example, they seek additional learning goals and challenges, see effort as a positive behaviour, are more resilient in the face of failure and achieve higher academic outcomes.

At All Saints Grammar, our whole school approach towards student wellbeing will ensure that we continue to instil in our students the core ethical values which will enable them to develop a sense of social responsibility, emotional balance and a strong sense of belonging to help guide them as they develop their own personal identity and confidence.

Thomas Psomas
Head of Student Wellbeing/Head of Primary