Choosing a school for your child can be a daunting and stressful task. You want to know that the school they attend will be suited to their learning style as well as offering opportunities unavailable elsewhere. At All Saints Grammar (ASG), we are proud to be considered one of the best private schools in Sydney.

Providing an exceptional education and welcoming PreKinder to Year 12 students from all faiths and backgrounds, All Saints Grammar is an independent Greek Orthodox School located in Belmore, Sydney’s Inner South West.

We approach teaching differently and guided by our pillars of Faith, Excellence and Respect, students have the environment to learn to the very best of their ability.

As one of the tops schools in Sydney, we are committed to creating and sustaining an educational environment where we promote the following drivers of our school philosophy as the gold standard:

  • Intellectual rigour: We provide robust and relevant learning experiences to engage our students in exploring new ideas and equip them with the skills needed for a globalised future. Students will learn the ability to think clearly and carefully when developing their understanding of subjects.
  • Character values: We engage with parents and the broader community to instil in students core ethical values so that they can develop as individuals with a clear sense of social responsibility, ready to contribute to the betterment of their world.
  • Emotional balance: Our students are given opportunities to challenge themselves to develop a strong sense of ability, confidence and a positive and self-reflective mindset.
  • Cultural, social, spiritual connection: Our students feel a sense of belonging, enabling them to learn the value of connections and enhance their personal identity development.

With over thirty years of educational experience and strong foundations in the Hellenic culture, All Saints Grammar is proud of its Christian values and the opportunities it offers students not often found in other Australian schools. As part of this, we have developed and honed a unique holistic teaching approach which ensures every student is nurtured to not only achieve academic success but also the emotional and social stability required as they grow.

Through committed and dedicated communication with parents and students, we are clear on what sets us apart as a private school in Belmore. Here are the seven reasons why All Saints Grammar is the right choice for your child’s future.

  1. Values

Education provided by All Saints Grammar provides the essential framework to uphold the values of the Greek Orthodox community. Through our pillars of Faith, Excellence and Respect, children learn and warmly embrace their cultural roots in a likeminded environment.

By encouraging and teaching the importance of respect to each other and to themselves, students build character values and social responsibility which is vital in this modern world and sets them up to be caring and compassionate people.

As a co-educational PreKinder to Year 12 School, ASG caters for all the needs of parents looking for an education that underpins their family’s core values.

  1. Heritage

The community’s cultural heritage is celebrated at All Saints Grammar as students develop a strong sense of identity and belonging. With an emphasis on the Greek language and the ethos of the Greek Orthodox faith offered as part of School life, parents with busy schedules can be safe in the knowledge that their children are exploring and finding their roots whilst positively contributing to Australian society.

  1. Culture and Greek language

Based on the values of the Hellenic culture, All Saints Grammar is committed to providing an education in an inclusive environment that connects students and their families to the vibrant Greek community. While learning about the Greek faith, language and culture, the School enables students to understand what it means to be a dedicated and community-focussed Australian citizen.

The School has gathered momentum since it was established and is now a leader in its field, providing a culturally rich setting for children to grow and learn.

  1. Community

Through our close-knit community, our staff and students build strong relationships which form the foundations of our learning ethos. We are proud to promote collaboration through our connected Homeroom where students from Years 7 to 12 can share knowledge and ideas. We actively encourage our students to work as a team and value their connections with their peers, family, teachers and those in need. As part of this, we ensure students are heavily involved in charity work as we want your children to give back to the wider community.

All Saints Grammar actively welcomes students from a diverse Australian community, as well as from abroad. Our aim is to promote worldly views with a focus on enabling students to understand how to manage conflict, promote resilience, strong values and contribute to communities around the world.

  1. Academics and curriculum

We believe in a positive learning environment to nurture and encourage holistic wellbeing which is the philosophy behind our Better Person Better Learner model. Although attentive to academics, we encourage our students to be achievers in all aspects of learning including non-academic activities such as co-curricular.

Through the Better Person Better Learner teaching approach, the School’s assessment model looks to evaluate students’ learning progress in the classroom. Its aim is to build respect and resilience as students, as well as teachers, critique each other’s work. The program is designed to ensure every student is achieving overall progress, and not just relying on exam results to provide an academic snapshot of a child’s achievements. We believe that through mutual respect and understanding, students gain more from our evidence-based curriculum and attain better learning outcomes.

All Saints Grammar is known for its innovative teaching and advancements in technology to deliver educational content. As a pioneering Greek Orthodox school in Sydney, we offer advanced integration of technology through the implementation of an online learning management system, Canvas. Through embracing innovation, we can seamlessly engage students with relevant learning resources and platforms when necessary.

  1. Opportunities

At All Saints Grammar, we provide many opportunities for students not found in other schools – it’s what sets us apart. From dedicated learning enrichment programs designed to capitalise on students’ talents, to accelerated growth programs created to foster higher learning outcomes, we provide extensive academic and emotional support to every child who enrols.

With many co-curricular programs available at the School, every child is given the opportunity to flourish and achieve their full potential. From visual arts to sporting activities, All Saints Grammar gives its students the opportunities to grow, no matter what ability level. Children are guided towards the most suitable creative and performing arts, sports, and mathematics co-curricular and academic programs that suit their ability. Parents choose the School for the wellbeing and pastoral care as well as the leadership skills offered to students.

As leaders in the educational field, we believe every child should be nurtured individually and we understand that achievement comes in many different forms depending on the child. As an independent school we want to celebrate not only the big achievements, but the little wins too. With this approach, we help students to grow in confidence and resilience which, as validated by educational research, promotes a deeper learning experience and a global mindset.

Students who have experienced education at All Saints Grammar are more prepared to tackle life, are kind, strong and courteous as well as being community focussed.

  1. Smaller class sizes

Set within a familiar and caring environment with intimate class sizes, we focus on every student’s talents.We intentionally keep our class sizes small to ensure the attention on every child is maintained. With this approach, students who need additional help will receive the level of care they need and deserve, ensuring they are at the correct level academically. 

Our teachers provide support and ongoing care for students, not only academically, but emotionally too, and through one-on-one mentoring, children are nurtured to achieve good results. In Years 11 and 12, classes are deliberately kept smaller to maximise learning and support individual needs when it really matters.

We openly encourage an open-door policy for parents to talk to teachers at our School. We want parents to feel comfortable asking questions and to be confident in the level of teaching expertise on offer. Our partnership with you, our families, is what helps to shape the future successes of your children. This is the difference between a large, oversubscribed school and a smaller one like All Saints Grammar.

Preparing students for the future.

All Saints Grammar understands parents want an education that will prepare their children for the future. Our graduates are prime examples of how a unique education with us promotes the strengths and character values needed to be able to embark on a positive future with confidence and the right skillset to achieve their aspirations and life goals.

You can trust All Saints Grammar to provide an education full of opportunities for your child. To find out how to enrol your child into All Saints Grammar or to arrange a personal tour of the School, please email our Director of Enrolments at: or call on: 02 9704 6433