At the core of our philosophy is the spiritual connection to our Orthodox Faith and Culture. Through our Co-curricular program, students have the opportunity to participate in Greek Dancing. Nicole Englezos is the Greek Dancing teacher at All Saints Grammar. She teaches Greek Dancing at both Primary and Secondary Campuses. 

Nicole (featured in the image above with her children Klaudia and Jonathon) has been teaching Greek Dancing for 30 years and is the proud daughter of Paroula Thurban, a teacher for over 60 years and one of the more recognised Greek dance teachers in Sydney. Through the teaching of Greek Dance, Nicole creates joy and unity amongst students and they look forward to her classes. 

Nicole Explains the importance of Greek Dancing:

Both traditional music and more current music from Greece is used so that it becomes more relevant to them and their life.

Besides teaching the dance steps, I explain the history of each dance as it encourages a stronger connection to their heritage and culture. Especially when they recognise that the dance is from a region of Greece that their own family originated from. My main aim is to create an understanding and love for Greek culture and dance in our students. I want them to be proud of their Greek heritage.