Mr John Theodoropoulos is a long-established teacher at All Saints Grammar, having worked here for 17 years. He is the Leader of Wellbeing at the Secondary Campus and passionate about supporting and preparing students for life beyond their schooling life.  

I completed a Bachelor of Education (Humanities) at Sydney University graduating in 2003.

I have been lucky enough to be involved in all facets of school life, academic, pastoral, extracurricular and sporting. Academically, I feel proud when I see students exceeding their developmental potential and pushing through during difficult times. It makes me proud to run into past students, to hear about their career paths and reminisce about past glories. A proud moment for me and our school was when we became NSW State Futsal Champions in 2014.

Teaching allows you to shape the future of our world. I aspire to make students think independently and beyond their immediate world. The recent pandemic has made us aware that teaching is constantly evolving. The online learning period was extremely challenging for staff and students. The inability to interact face-to-face made teaching and learning difficult for all. What became apparent though, was the resilience and vigour of staff and students alike to set realistic goals and achieve the best possible results. As a BYOT school, we were perfectly set up to provide the highest educational standards, and our students were well prepared for the challenges we encountered. It taught us a lot about ourselves and the world.

All Saints Grammar is a unique school due to the community feel. I believe as an educator, in order to optimise results for students, it is important to build strong relationships and establish a connection.