Mr Brad Carroll - Music Teacher PK-10

I have always wanted to be a Music teacher. I remember back to my experiences in primary school with Mrs Fell, who led our lessons and school choir (I also remember fainting on two separate occasions while singing the same song in choir. Don’t worry - I now make sure to teach your children to breathe!). She was a lady who I looked out for in the playground, just to be within her energetic and happy orbit. She is the reason for most of my teaching choices to date.

Entering my fourth year at All Saints Grammar, I am loving being able to teach Performing Arts across the School. I am extremely fortunate that my role entails teaching Music and Drama across the three Campuses at ASG: PreKinder, Primary and Secondary. What makes this significant for me is that, within such a short time, I’m able to see the students grow in confidence and musical ability, as well as getting to know the entire student body.

Previously, I taught Performing Arts and was a classroom teacher within the Catholic system of Western Sydney, but I also enjoyed some time delving into the entertainment industry in musicals, a cover band and as a Singer/Dancer with the children’s group The Wiggles (I even donned a purple skivvy for a while, which the students remind me of constantly). I feel that my qualifications in teaching and musical theatre, studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), along with my performance history, have helped me combine all these elements into my teaching. Some days, I feel like I’m still on stage – but in front of a class.  

All Saints Grammar is a place that affords me the opportunity to foster students’ love of drama, dance, singing, musical theatre and instrument learning through an extensive co-curricular program. Mr Lombardo and I are extremely proud of the connection we have made that extends the band program from Primary into the Secondary School, where all Year 7 and 8 students now enjoy instrument study. Our 2018 production of Beauty and the Beast was a proud achievement, which I hold dear to my heart, but how can I forget the musical extravaganza of The Wizard of Oz that is fast approaching. It is a fantastic example of how co-curricular group learning, classroom teaching and community can be combined.

I am thankful that I work in a School whose Philosophy of creating a Better Person lends itself perfectly to what Performing Arts does naturally. In building confidence and collaborative learning through all areas of the Arts, students are learning how to negotiate, communicate, appreciate and, perhaps most importantly, encourage each other to participate and achieve. The Arts are fundamental in supporting growth in our students in all areas and I’m grateful that All Saints Grammar is a place that nourishes this.