Starting the Day

A typical day at PreKinder begins the moment your child walks through the door. Students are greeted by a friendly smile from our caring and highly trained teachers and teacher assistants. Our nurturing team works with your child to foster their independence, social resilience, emotional wellbeing and physical skills. Children are encouraged to unpack their bag in preparation for Crunch and Sip, Morning Tea and Lunch, place their water bottle in their classroom tub and to ‘sign in’ for the day. This provides students with the first daily opportunity to identify, trace or write their name. Supervised free play is available from 8am through to 9am each morning in either the 2, 3 or 5 Day program.

Formal lessons begin at 9am, where teachers begin the day by fostering the children’s spiritual wellbeing. PreKinder students learn to recite the specially created PreKinder Daily Prayer and work towards reciting The Lord’s Prayer before making the sign of the cross on their body, in line with our rich Greek Orthodox Christian Faith.

Community and Culture

From their first day, PreKinder students become a part of our wider All Saints community. This is fostered through participation in Library, Physical Education and Music lessons with a specialist Primary teacher, Church Incursions, Agiasmos blessings, Easter Hat and Book Week Parades with Primary peers and in various whole School fundraising and wellbeing initiatives. An understanding of our rich Hellenic culture is nurtured through specialised Greek language and Greek Dancing lessons, as well as opportunities to learn and participate in significant religious and cultural events throughout the year.

Your child’s learning journey is documented in Canvas, our PreKinder to Year 12 Learning Management Platform. In Canvas, you can view the Daily Reflection, which outlines the wonderful learning that takes place each day, view photos of your child participating in learning experiences and access your child’s individual ePortfolio. Updates on your child’s learning, special events, Incursions, videos and celebrations are only a click away.

PreKinder’s friendly staff believe a strong partnership between families and staff is key to ensuring your child flourishes into the best version of themselves. Open and honest communication forges a connection between home life and school life. The 3pm pick up is often filled with excitement from your child to share all they have immersed themselves in during the day, a special moment that is enjoyed by parents and teachers.

Learning and Curriculum 

At All Saints Grammar PreKinder, we focus on developing the whole child. Our purposely designed program provides students with teacher and student-led access to opportunities for collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. The Reggio Emilia inspired interest-based program is differentiated for each child so that they can experience success whilst being challenged – something that is vital in fostering confidence and a growth mindset from their early years. Each lesson’s learning intention is guided by the NESA Early Stage One Outcomes to enable a unique learning environment that can only be found at All Saints Grammar. The amalgamation of these foci, together with All Saints’ Assessment for Learning Framework, works fluidly to ensure your child is immersed in rich learning experiences that foster their development and learning. Emergent Literacy, Numeracy and STEM learning opportunities, coupled with an understanding that children are capable with endless potential, ultimately equips children with the skills needed for a smooth transition into Kindergarten and beyond.

Contact our Director of Enrolments to find out more about PreKinder at All Saints Grammar.