Message from the Head of School

2021 has been a most challenging year – even more so than 2020 – due the sheer number of restrictions that were imposed on all of us. As a community, we certainly rose to the challenges of 2021, led by the common values for which we stand. Our students showed amazing resilience and perseverance throughout virtual online learning, using this challenge to grow into more resilient individuals. We are proud of all our students for overcoming the associated hurdles of COVID-19 and continuing to work hard and maintain their application to learning.

Fittingly, this week our students across the School attended a Doxology service and End of Year Assembly to conclude the 2021 academic year in the same manner in which we started; with the blessing comfort that our faith provides us.

Student Leadership 2022

At this week’s Assembly, we also announced the 2022 School Leaders. Congratulations to our incoming Leadership team; I am confident that you will be exemplary role models and ambassadors for our community, and that you will wear your badges with honour.

School Captains: Olga Liana Athanasatos and George Gregory

Year 12 Student Leaders: Catrina Benakis, Maria Christou, Anastasia Haikalis, Demetria Koutavas, George Michael, Demi Papas, Thomas Raketic, Alex Tzakos, Mark Ullmann and Maria Varvaressos.

Year 6 School Captains: Eleni Dounis and Nicholas Koutsouklakis.

Year 6 Student Leaders: Demi Frantzis, Cianna Georgopoulos, Georgiana Hiotis, Emmanouela Kalaitzidi, Niki Lillis, Katerina Mandadakis, Raymond Saba, Stella Savvas, Georgia Sotiropoulos, Xander Zaiter and Zane Zaiter.

Year 10 Peer Support Leaders: Chloe Asimakoulas, Karina Giokaris, Irene Kaloudis, Nathaniel Karadimas, Leah Katsaros, Sam Ladikos, Marianna Lillis, Michael Loupis, George Galanos Stellios and Antonia Zaharopoulos.

School Uniform and Grooming

To ensure a smooth start to the 2022 academic year, I kindly ask parents to ensure students return to school with exemplary uniform and appropriate grooming. Our Uniform Shop is expecting delivery of the new female summer uniform during December for those families who have not yet had the opportunity to purchase the new uniform.

NAPLAN Results

Once again, our students have done exceptionally well in the NAPLAN Assessment for 2021.

100% of students in Years 3, 5 and 9 are working at, or above minimum standard in the areas of Reading, Writing and Numeracy. The only exception to this was Year 7 Writing, where 97% of students are working at or above minimum standard.

In Reading, we have a greater percentage of students in the top 2 bands than the State average in Years 5, 7 and 9, and equal to the State in Year 3. Further, in Writing, we have a greater percentage of students in the top 2 bands than the State in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. Finally, in Numeracy, we have a greater percentage of students in the top 2 bands than the State in Years 3, 5 and 7.

Our growth results are exceptional. In most cases, over 90% of students have shown growth between NAPLAN testing years in all areas, with the best results coming between Years 7 and 9 in Numeracy, where 100% of students made positive growth, 97% of students made positive growth in Reading and 97% of students made positive growth in Writing.

Semester 2 Reports

Families will receive their child’s Semester 2 report in the next day or so. It will be a modified report given the circumstances imposed on us by COVID-19. Nevertheless, parents should read the report carefully in preparation for students’ return to school in 2022. More details about the changes to this year’s report template will be provided on a separate letter accompanying your child’s report.

HSC Exams

Our students successfully completed their HSC exams this week. Now, they await their HSC and ATAR results, which they will receive in January. We are confident that our students will carve their future path with confidence and a sense of purpose. We will be contacting you to find out your final results. We are pleased to hear that a significant number of our students have already received early offers to a course of their preference at various universities. We wish our graduating class the best of success. It was a privilege to celebrate the culmination of your schooling years at the recent Formal Dinner Dance with you and your families.

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School

Our Year 6 students also had the opportunity to celebrate the conclusion of their Primary schooling. It was very pleasing to see our students’ joy and pride in their achievements and Greek heritage. The dancing was an amazing sight!

While the majority of our Year 6 students will continue their education at our Secondary Campus, a number of them will be moving to other schools. We would like to wish those students leaving us the best of success. We are confident that our School has prepared you well for the challenges of Secondary education. Know that All Saints Grammar will always be home for you.

Thank You

I would like to thank my colleagues for their commitment to our School and our students. Thank you for always going the extra mile to nurture the hearts and minds of our students, and for always striving to make a positive impact on our students’ learning journey.

My sincere gratitude goes to our parents and families. Thank you for your patience, support and encouragement throughout the year. Thank you for showing appreciation towards our School and our wonderful staff. As always, we are honoured and grateful that you have entrusted us to share in the stewardship of your children and their education.

I take this opportunity to wish all our families a safe and a blessed Christmas. May 2022 be filled with health and happiness for us all.

With Gods’ grace and will, we look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday February 1 2022. Have a safe and well-deserved break.

Ms Elfa Lillis

Head of School