Primary Campus Co-curricular achievements

A key priority at All Saints Grammar is to identify and nurture students’ potential and deliberately create opportunities for them to learn the value of connectedness and a sense of belonging.  Our cocurricular programs are designed to engage, challenge and enrich the learning of our students so they can explore and develop their strengths through their interests and talent areas.

When we work from our strengths, we develop a positive self- image, improved wellbeing, stronger connection, collaboration and communication with others. These skills which are critical to academic performance can be honed within a relaxed environment where the students are engaged with what they like to do and what they are good at.

Sir Ken Robinson, one of the most passionate and creative educators of our time, asks us to find our passion, what he calls “The Element”.  He believed that when we encourage innovation, creativity and exploration to pursue our passions through hands – on, interdisciplinary projects, we inspire students to achieve at their highest levels and we see the transfer of these skills into the classroom and to increased learning outcomes.

The cocurricular program plays an important role in contributing to a child’s holistic growth. This year, the students of the Primary Campus have engaged in many and varied activities.

K-2 have enjoyed Infants’ choir. Many of our Primary students engage with more than one activity including Primary Choir, Music and Movement, Drama, Robotics, Chess, Sewing, Debating and Art Club. During Art Club, our students have been working on several masterpieces. Our major theme has been animals. The students have been inspired by Henri Matisse and Peter Coombe, adopting the various techniques into their art works.

Sewing club has been a great success. Students have since learnt how to thread needles, sew a straight or whip stitch and finish stitches so that everything does not unravel. It has been wonderful to see their designs come alive. 

Students from Years 3-6 have engaged with enthusiasm during their weekly chess sessions. They have challenged each other in “friendly” matches trying to outplay and outmanoeuvre their opponent. During these times they have received feedback regarding the correct moves for each of the pieces on the chessboard. Additionally, they have received explicit instructions from the chess coach employed through Sydney Academy of Chess on what strategies students can use when faced with particular scenarios.

During robotics, students have worked on teamwork and collaboration, fostering a climate of creativity and problem-solving. Furthermore, they have gained hands-on experience with various robots and coding applications, including the Sphero robots and EV3 robots. The students have been engrossed in the task of building and coding their robots to execute an Onstage dance performance. This particular challenge requires teams to design, construct, and program robots to synchronise their movements with the music’s beat or partake in theatrical presentations. The students have wholeheartedly embraced the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed their involvement in the robotics co-curricular program this term. Having made good progress with the challenge, the students will continue their work in Term 3.

Head of Primary
Mrs Aristea Synesios