Easter is the highlight of our Greek Orthodox liturgical calendar. It is a time when we, believers, renew our hope, revitalise our faith, and inject new life into our spiritual experience. We celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. After his crucifixion, death, and burial, three days later He rose from the grave. Through this miraculous mystery, Christ conquered death and redeemed us from sin.

While there may be many ways through which we prepare ourselves for this celebration, the exercise of fasting through Lent should lead to a contrite heart whose repentance prepares our soul for the gift of salvation.

We encourage families to model for their children the appropriate attitude and behaviour during this liturgical period. We strongly recommend families attend church services with their children, in the lead up to the Sunday of Christ’s Resurrection.

There are many ways to get involved in Holy Week events and activities at our All Saints Parish.

Palm Cross Making Workshop

The final journey to Pascha begins on Palm Sunday with Our Lord Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. In preparation for this event, students and their parents are invited to join the All Saints Parish community in weaving Palm Crosses. The Palm Cross making workshop will occur on Friday 15 April in the Church Hall from 2 pm. No experience is necessary as you will be guided through the process on the day.

All Saints Parish Children’s Choir

All the children of our school are invited to join the All Saints Parish Children’s Choir to sing the Lamentations or Engomia on Good Friday. The Choir practices every Friday from 5 pm, and also from 11 am every Sunday in the lead up to Easter. No experience is necessary and it is never too late to join. For further details contact Panayioti on 0414 436 383.


At the core of our philosophy is the Spiritual Connection to our Orthodox Faith which provides our students with a sense of belonging and a strong sense of identity. As a School, we must offer deliberate opportunities for this to develop. For this reason, we have decided to schedule additional liturgies for our students to attend in their year groups on nominated Sundays. Please note that while the following liturgies are not compulsory, we strongly encourage parents to support us with this initiative by making the necessary arrangements for their children to attend.

  • Sunday 29 May K – 2 & Year 8
  • Sunday 31 July 3 – 6 & Year 7
  • Sunday 28 August K – 2 & Year 8
  • Sunday 27 November 3 – 6 & Year 7

The following liturgies continue to remain compulsory for all students:

  • Sunday 19 June All Saints Day
  • Sunday 30 October Protection of Theotokos, OXI Day

We ask that all students attend these liturgies wearing their full school uniform.

Hat Parade

On Tuesday 5 April and Friday 8 April, students from PreKinder to Year 3 came together to celebrate the end of Term One with our Easter Hat Parade. Each grade had a turn showing off their incredible designs as they paraded around our school gymnasium to some of their favourite songs. With Mr Carroll leading the celebrations as MC and a surprise visit from a furry friend, it was a great occasion for everyone! This parade is an annual event that signals the end of a wonderful term full of learning and adventures. It was wonderful to see our parents back on the premises, sharing these special events with us.

Uniform and Grooming

Most students come to school wearing the school uniform correctly and are well-groomed. However, we continue to have some students who insist on wearing the incorrect uniform and do not follow the School’s Grooming Policy.

A high standard of personal presentation benefits us all and it promotes good habits. For this reason, it is most important that parents work in partnership with the school to ensure their children are wearing the correct uniform and are groomed appropriately. Please refer to the student diary pages xvii and xviii to familiarise yourselves with the requirements. Your support in this matter is essential.

Students will return to Term 2 on Wednesday 27 April wearing their winter uniform. We would expect that by now, all students have had enough time to purchase our new school uniform.

In case you still need to purchase uniform items, our uniform shop will be open during the coming break at the following times:

  • Tuesday 12 April 9am – 3pm
  • Thursday 14 April 9am – 3pm
  • Tuesday 26 April 9am – 3pm


Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in the annual NAPLAN tests in writing, reading, conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is a point in time assessment of literacy and numeracy skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life.

Our school will be participating in NAPLAN Online between 10 May 2022 and 19 May 2022.

Year 3
10 May 2022 Writing
11 May 2022 Year 3 Reading
12 May 2022 Year 3 Conventions of Language
16 May 2022 Year 3 Numeracy

Year 5
10 May 2022 Year 5 Writing
17 May 2022 Year 5 Reading
18 May 2022 Year 5 Conventions of Language
19 May 2022 Year 5 Numeracy

Years 7 & 9
11 May 2022 Year 7 & 9 Writing
17 May 2022 Year 7 & 9 Reading
18 May 2022 Year 7 & 9 Conventions of Language
19 May 2022 Year 7 & 9 Numeracy

We have already conducted a practice test with our students so that they are familiar with the expectations of the tests. We will continue to ready them to ensure they feel calm and prepared for this national assessment.

Transition into Secondary

As our Stage 3 students prepare for their transition into High school, we have organised a series of student visits to our Secondary Campus. The dates are Tuesday 10 May for Year 5 students and Tuesday 17 May for Year 6 students. These visits will take place during school hours, and they are intended to provide our students with a taste of what to expect during Secondary school at our Campus. Additional sessions will be organised throughout the upcoming Terms.

These student visits will be followed up by an evening Information Session for parents of Stage 3 students. The date we have set up for this session is Wednesday 18 May. More details about the arrangements for these events will be sent home closer to the dates.

Student Wellbeing Program

Over the last couple of years, parents would have witnessed the extent to which social discourse is highlighting the importance of respectful relationships; this is a result of increased cases of violence against women, both physical and through digital media, in addition to issues of domestic violence. These topics are at times difficult to discuss in an open forum. For this reason, as part of our Pastoral Care program, and in the interest of educating our boys and girls on the importance of developing positive relationships, we will conduct this concerted program for students in Stage 3 through to Stage 6.

Throughout Term 2 and Term 3, the students will be taking part in workshops delivered by an external organisation called Elephant Ed. Elephant Ed is a well-reputed educational organisation specialising in the delivery of Respectful Relationships Programs for young people, with their work being used in hundreds of schools around Australia. Elephant Ed’s workshops are evidence-based, age-appropriate and mapped to State and National curriculum guidelines. Elephant Ed is endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider.

The students will participate in workshops in areas around relationships, embracing change and body safety to name a few. The aim of this program is to build an informative, safe and impactful environment for our students to engage in relevant topics that young people are faced with as they develop.

As parents, we encourage you to have conversations with your child after these workshops; we encourage you to ask them about what they learnt and to continue the discussion with them at home.

These student workshops will be preceded by a Parent Webinar so that you have a clear understanding of the content to be covered with students. In this way, parents will get to know Elephant Ed prior to the workshops delivered to students, and so that parents can engage in further understanding and conversation in these areas at home. More information about the Parent Webinar will be sent home soon.

As we finish our first Term of this academic year, I’d like to thank you for your continuous support. I take this opportunity to wish all a restful and safe holiday and look forward to welcoming our students back on Wednesday 27 April.

I wish everyone a blessed and Happy Easter. Kali Anastasi!

Mrs Elfa Lillis
Head of School