Head of Primary Update

Spring brings optimism, opportunities, and new beginnings and across the Term this was reflected in the activities undertaken by the students.

Our students had the opportunity to learn outside the confines of their classrooms and experience first-hand what they had been learning about in class. The warmer weather allowed the students to travel across NSW, and to our nation’s capital to learn about significant places and the people that shaped Australia.

The students gained an appreciation for how our country evolved over the years, and the influence of the different groups throughout our history.  In addition to this, students learned about our First Nations People and their enduring connection to country. Students were able to identify the changes on the environment and how the flora and fauna have adapted over time. The students reflected on the important role they play in protecting the environment and the valuable lessons we can learn from our First Nations People about how to manage the land more efficiently.

On Campus, 15 students from Tokyo City University Elementary School, their Principal and 5 teachers chose All Saints Grammar for their short study tour of Australia. Our All Saints’ students were able to create meaningful connections with our visitors based on mutual respect and by recognising that everyone is created in the image and likeness of God. This cultural exchange demonstrated that students are the same around the world, and that goodwill and the extending of the hand of friendship transcends all language barriers and builds a stronger, more united global community.

For our Year 12 students, new horizons await. On behalf, of the staff and students of our Primary Campus, we wish them all the best in their HSC examinations and pray for their good health and happiness in their chosen endeavours.

Head of Primary
Mrs Aristea Synesios