This is my fourth year of teaching at All Saints Grammar, and I currently teach Year 4. I am one of two Wellbeing Facilitators at the Primary Campus, and this wonderful opportunity has given me the chance to get to know many of the students from PreKinder to Year 6.

The benefits of having an Education Degree are the many locations you can teach in. I began my teaching career in a small farming community in Western Australia, in a school with only 35 students. After several years of teaching, I relocated to London and spent the next five years working in schools and travelling throughout Europe. As well as classroom teaching in London, I supported teachers with intervention programs and ran our Student Representative Council and Citizenship program. After returning to Australia, I taught upper primary in an independent school in Melbourne, where I was also led Physical Education and Wellbeing. In 2019, I moved to Sydney and began my career at All Saints Grammar. I completed my Master’s Degree specialising in Leading in Education in 2021.

The staff and the students are what I enjoy most about teaching at All Saints Grammar. In my role as Wellbeing Facilitator, I have been fortunate enough to work with three different student leadership teams and have been amazed by the dedication they have all have shown to our school community and the maturity of their ideas regarding the legacy they would like to leave. It is also inspiring to work in a school with an incredibly dedicated and hardworking staff. The staff at All Saints Grammar support every Wellbeing initiative, inspire me to be a more accomplished teacher through their own practice and take the time to teach me the importance of the Orthodox faith within the community. True care and compassion for students and the community are demonstrated daily, and I feel fortunate to be a part of the ASG team.

I honestly feel that as a teacher we experience and share in proud moments daily. At All Saints Grammar, we offer so many wonderful opportunities for students to shine and to allow them to become better people and better learners. I think when students challenge themselves in their learning or participate fully in any opportunity offered, it is always a proud moment.

Now, more than ever, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of having a sense of belonging and connection. Since starting at ASG, I have felt that this has been a priority, regardless of an individual’s background; even more so during online learning and the subsequent return to school. Even though teaching instruction may have changed over the years I have been an educator, I believe that as long as the focus continues to remain on supporting all students to thrive, we will experience success