Ms Kanella Koutavas - Academic Leader of Learning Services PK-12

Tell us a bit about your teaching background. How did you come to be a teacher at All Saints Grammar?

My career as a teacher began following the completion of my Diploma in Teaching (Primary) and Bachelor of Education at The University of Sydney.

After a year of teaching in a number of different State and Catholic schools, I commenced my long-standing journey as a teacher at All Saints Grammar in 1992 – and what a rewarding experience it has been!

I am proud of my Greek heritage and Hellenic roots. So, as a school established to support Greek Australian families in the Greek Orthodox faith, I knew I had a part to play in the All Saints Grammar story. I feel blessed to work in a place that fosters these values.

How long have you been at the School and what has your role looked like over the years?

During my time at All Saints Grammar, my key roles have included mainstream class teacher across both Infant and Primary grades, Primary Coordinator, Stage 3 Mathematics teacher, Learning Support Facilitator and, now, my current role as Academic Leader of Learning Services PK-12. I am extremely devoted to this role and am thoroughly enjoying the challenge. I am dedicated to supporting and nurturing the students and committed to extending the reach of every child as they strive for their own personal best.

What is the proudest achievement of your teaching career to date?

I have seen many changes during my time at All Saints and have been an integral part of the continual growth of the School. However, for me, the biggest reward is seeing students grow into confident learners that strive to do their best and reach their full potential. Even more fulfilling is when I see my ex-students, many years later, as young adults, returning to share with us their own vast range of success stories. Hearing them reminisce and share their most inspirational experiences and memorable moments from their primary and high school years gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Most humbling and even more rewarding, is when ex-students entrust us in providing their own children with the holistic education and wonderful opportunities offered by All Saints Grammar.

What do you like most about working at All Saints Grammar?
I am proud to work in such a well-established educational institution that has built a pedagogical framework based on the latest available educational research. I feel blessed to work with colleagues who have a depth of experience and are truly committed to educating our children.

At All Saints Grammar, our aim is to provide a growth mindset learning environment that helps students develop their self-concept, attain a healthy level of self-esteem and high self-efficacy. Our teaching staff work together to continually develop our School as a centre of quality teaching and learning. To find out more about our School’s teaching and learning philosophy, please click here.