I started teaching at All Saints Grammar in 1998, on a part-time basis, when the High School was only in its fourth year. Although that seems like a long time to be at one school, my time here has been a rich and varied experience. There is something very special about being at a school from its early beginnings and watching it grow into the unique and close-knit community it is today. 

I especially love how Visual Arts has developed into the vibrant and academically successful subject it is now. Besides Visual Arts, I have also taught a variety of other courses including Photographic and Digital Media, Design and Technology, Information and Software Technology and even Textiles and Food Technology. I previously co-ordinated the Creative Arts and Technology Faculty for 10 years, and even exhibited professionally in Sydney and Melbourne earlier in my career; both of which have brought a unique perspective to my art teaching practice. 

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education and a Master of Art (Fine Arts), and recently completed my Graduate Diploma in Design and Technology Teaching. I guess that makes me a lifelong learner and I would like to think I bring my love of learning to my own teaching practice. What I love the most about teaching however, is seeing my students develop and grow, and I especially love it when they are as passionate about learning as I am.