I have been teaching at All Saints Grammar since 2002. I started on a secondment, and in 2007 I became a permanent language teacher. During this time, I was Head of Modern Greek at the Primary Campus for many years. In my current role as Academic Leader of Mission-Culture and Language PK-12, I oversee the teaching of Modern and Classical Greek across all three campuses.

Working at ASG has been a valuable experience that has shaped me as a professional educator. I share the values and ethos of the school, and our ‘Better Person, Better Learner’ philosophy resonates strongly with me. Faith, culture and language are interlinked and always prevalent in the teaching and learning of Modern Greek. All Saints Grammar is a forward-thinking school with a positive learning and teaching environment. I enjoy working with many distinguished minds and characters, colleagues and students. I have also made some wonderful friends that make my work enjoyable and rewarding.

I feel as though there have been many professional accomplishments throughout my teaching career. Designing teaching and learning activities and learning new digital technologies have been my ever-evolving passion. I particularly enjoy collaborating with my colleagues to create engaging and rewarding learning environments, both online and in class. Organising special events and writing plays are some of the outlets of my creativity. However, I am proudest when I meet previous students who speak positively of their learning experiences in my classes. These encounters always remind me of why I became a teacher.

Teaching is a noble profession that demands adaptability and an ongoing resolve to evolve and learn. I think the future of teaching lies in our ability to grow and understand the diverse needs of our learners.