At All Saints Grammar, we are committed to fostering an educational environment where students are able to demonstrate intellectual rigour and character values, be emotionally balanced and feel connected to school life. To empower our students to realise their full potential, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an opportunity offered to ASG students from the age of fourteen.

The Duke of Edinburgh is a youth development program. Every student who takes part will learn a skill, improve their physical wellbeing, volunteer in their community and undertake Adventurous Journeys within a team. Students are able to design their own program and set their own goals according to The Award’s minimum requirements. Regular participation in activities is essential to meet the time requirements for each Award Section and Level. There are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The numerous setbacks of 2020 meant that many ASG participants put their Program on pause. However, Mark, of Year 10, made adjustments to his Program and is on his way to complete his Silver Award. Recently, Demi, our Year 12 graduate, successfully achieved her Gold Award. Moving forward to 2021, all Year 9 students will begin their Bronze Award. Year 10 and Year 11 school leaders will continue their chosen Program.

Our students have chosen to develop a range of skills including: learning sign language, playing the piano, coding and cooking. Physical recreation activities include fencing, Greek Dancing and figure skating. All voluntary services are approved by parents and Award Leaders. Some ASG students will be assisting in their local library, supporting people in need and volunteering their time at their local Hellenic Association.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is renowned for developing well-rounded graduates. This strongly aligns with our Better Person Better Learner school philosophy. Students can gain confidence, be empowered to create connections with the wider community, learn to overcome challenges and regularly work towards a goal.

ASG students participating in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in 2021 will be guided and supported by trained Award Leaders, Assessors, supervisors and mentors.

Josepha Calfoforo

Humanities Teacher (7-12)