Ms Catherine Buchanan - Assistant Academic Leader of Humanities

I started at All Saints Grammar just six short weeks ago in Week 4 of this Term as Assistant Academic Leader in the Humanities Faculty. My educational experience includes graduating with a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Literature and Performing Arts from the University of New South Wales. I furthered my Literature and Shakespeare studies at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and will be completing my Masters of Education at the end of this year.

I moved from an all-boys school as the Assistant Head of English, bringing with me experience in all English courses from Years 7 to 12 and running a faculty of sixteen staff members. I am particularly proud of the HSC results of my Advanced English cohort last year, where my previous school placed 21st in the state in Advanced English overall.

Having taught in the public, Catholic and independent systems, I am excited about embracing the Hellenic culture so foundational at All Saints Grammar. The principles and values grounded in the Orthodox faith are already evident, particularly through the community I have already been so warmly welcomed into; difficult via these remote circumstances, but it speaks to the kindness of the staff and the families with whom I work each day. Having met only three staff members in person and sadly none of my students thus far, I am so appreciative of the always kind, (always talkative!) and genuine spirit with which my classes have responded to a teacher they are yet to meet. It speaks to the compassion of both the students and their families.

The online distance has changed the way we teach in the last eighteen months. Difficult for staff, students and parents alike, I have been inspired by the constant dedication of the staff and leadership at ASG, the communication with families and the determination to do what is best for the students. Coming from such a large school to a smaller one has heightened not just the importance of community, but the opportunities every student has to flourish academically and pastorally. The staff work so closely with the students and the decisions we discuss and make come from a place of student benefit.

I am excited to begin work on campus and become more a part of the ASG community outside a screen and to experience the generosity and sincerity of the School’s community in person.



At All Saints Grammar, our aim is to provide a growth mindset learning environment that helps students develop their self-concept, attain a healthy level of self-esteem and high self-efficacy. Our teaching staff work together to continually develop our School as a centre of quality teaching and learning. To find out more about our School’s teaching and learning philosophy, please click here.