Ms Carmel Hurst - Year 5 Teacher

Growing up surrounded by a family of teachers, I always wanted to be a teacher. I was very excited when I was accepted into the Australian Catholic University, but I deviated from my plan. I dabbled in hospitality management when I finished my Bachelor of Education giving me a whole other skillset. Teaching was always my love and passion though; a vocation – something I was called to do.

When I began teaching, I had 36 Year 1 students in a large Western Sydney Catholic school. Upon reflection, I was still learning my craft, and for that reason I hold the memories of that class dear.  Prior to starting at All Saints Grammar in 2006, I worked in Dublin, Ireland. Teaching overseas gave me an opportunity to face new challenges. I was fortunate to be appointed as an English as a Second Language teacher in a low socio-economic school. Working with disadvantaged families and students certainly made me more aware of the impact a teacher can, and sometimes must, have.

Working at All Saints Grammar was part of my ‘five-year plan’ – 15 years ago! I love being a teacher at ASG. I love the students, the families and the opportunities we receive. I am proud of the community I belong to. Being a valued teacher here is an accomplishment I am proud of (my parents are too). To witness the growth of our students from 3-year-olds in PreKinder to young men and women graduating from Year 12, is special and ever so rewarding.

Highlights at ASG? There are so many. I have been fortunate enough to share my special love of literature, grammar and humanities with 13 different cohorts of students. This year, I got to challenge myself in other areas of teaching, such as Maths, Science and Art. As I say to 5 Sturt, “I’m still learning! We’re always learning!”

As a key teacher, I helped prepare our School and its students for 21st Century life by working with the School’s Executive to implement the BYOT program in 2015. I now get to teach younger students iPad skills and introduce them to CANVAS.

I have been an IPSSO Softball and Teeball coach for many years, even taking a few teams to the Grand Final. Seeing students strive to be better in all they do is part of the reason I enjoy supporting the Swimming and Athletic Squads. My passion role though, is being the Attica House Patron. We are a team who encourage each other, regardless of skill level, and for that they have my heart.

Being given the opportunity to be a non-Greek teacher in a strong, faith-based community school is an honour and a privilege. I have certainly continued my own educational journey, learning something new about Hellenic culture most weeks, even speaking the odd word or singing the Anthem on occasion.

All Saints Grammar is a school that continuously sets goals and strives for excellence in all it does and offers. I can’t predict what the future of education will look like, but I do know that our students and our School will be prepared. I welcome change and look forward to being a part of it at a great school like ours.

At All Saints Grammar, our aim is to provide a growth mindset learning environment that helps students develop their self-concept, attain a healthy level of self-esteem and high self-efficacy. Our teaching staff work together to continually develop our School as a centre of quality teaching and learning. To find out more about our School’s teaching and learning philosophy, please click here.