Message from the Head of School

We have arrived at the end of the school year. It serves as a reminder about what it takes to get to this point; months of work, hours of discussions, preparation, homework, teaching, interviews of one kind or another, excursions, sport, music, extra-curricular, and of course, assessment and feedback.

And throughout all of that, lots of people are involved; people who make getting to this point possible: your teachers of course; your parents; and of course, our dear students.

While this may seem an obvious thing to say, the reality is that quite often we forget that it is only through genuine and strong partnerships that we achieve great things.

So, as a point of reflection as we conclude the year I would like to ask you to consider with me the features of effective partnerships: trust, shared values and expectations, mutual respect, great two-way communication.

I’d like to emphasise the importance of trust. Trust enables commitment and accountability. I know you will do what is right, and you know I’ll do the same. Trust can even enable productive conflict, where we work through difficult situations to achieve a common goal.

What distinguishes our school is our shared values and expectations. Not only are we united by our shared Hellenic heritage, language, culture, and faith, but just as importantly, we are united in what we want for our children, our students. We want them to be well-rounded individuals, who are attached to their families and their faith; young men and women who are successful in domains of their choice, and who are responsible citizens, ready to make a positive contribution to the world around them.

It is this aspiration that leads to initiatives such as our commitment to the Saint Nicholas Mission Academy. I thank Anais Menounos (Sydney Lawyer and co founder of St Nicholas Mission Academy) for her presentation at Speech Day which gave our students the opportunity to see visible evidence of the impact they can have on others. Simply put, we aspire to shape Better Persons, and Better Learners. Achieving this aspiration is a long process that involves lots of hard work, compromising, modifying, adapting, and even accepting things that come our way. Mutual respect enables challenges and difficulties to become opportunities for personal and collective growth.

By having mutual respect as the baseline of our work together, we create the environment and culture of great two-way communication. We feel safe and confident that we will be heard, and our point of view will be considered. For All Saints Grammar to become the best version of itself, we all need to be committed to these essential features of an effective partnership. This commitment is shown through the excellent learning opportunities our teachers offer each student in the classroom and beyond.

It is shown in the way our students learn to appreciate and value what they have at All Saints. It is shown when parents are supportive of our school initiatives, trusting that these initiatives are in our students’, your children’s, best interest; when parents are supportive of the school’s decisions which are intended to set high standards of discipline and excellence, for our students and our community.

At our school we are all committed to our motto Let us Stand Well. We do this by continuously building our professional capacity to deliver academic rigour in our learning interactions; by fostering strong character values in our students with which they can face life challenges; by providing a safe environment where students’ self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-regulation can flourish. We are committed to enabling opportunities for students to build strong cultural, social, and spiritual connections. Such is our commitment to the development of the whole individual: a Better Learner who becomes a Better Person.

However, we can’t do this on our own. We need your support. We need you to come along with us in the journey. All of us, teachers, parents, and students, must work together in this process of making this aspiration a reality. True partnerships can help us achieve individual and collective success.

2023 Primary and Secondary Student Leadership Teams
Congratulations to our elected 2023 Student Leaders. I know that you will excel in your new roles. The skills you acquire on this journey will instil lifelong values and prepare you for future beyond the school gates.

Primary Campus Student Leaders                              
Nicole Galanos-Stellios, Dimitri Lopez, Marianne Margiankakos, Alexis Michael, Anna Newton, Harris Paxinos, Ilyanah Psomas, Zoe Santellis, Olga Terzis, Ralyssa Thanogiannis, Alessandra Torres, George Tripolitsiotis

School Captains
Jacob Boursianis and Kayla Tzimoulas

Secondary Campus – Year 10 Student Leaders
Lara Abbas, Lydia Eliades, Anastasia Englezou, William Hadjia, Nicholas Karteris, Nicolette Katholos, Gianna Kouppas, Sophie Scozzafava, Andreas Papademetriou, Lily Pete, Terry Platirahos, Claudia Saffo, Nikita Salouros, Sofia Sampsonis, Maria Skandalakis, Nicholas Stavrou, Penny Varvaressos, Anthony Vrahnos, Dion Vellios, Mary Nouris, Marie Di Ramio

Year 12 Student Leaders
Paul Dimitrakopoulos, Peter Englezou, Sophia Gerassis, Stacey Karedis, Helena Marras, Oliana Papas, George Polyzois, Constance Souvaliotis, Artemus Vasiliades, Michael Eliades

School Captains
Spyros Paleothodoros and Katerina Vrahnos

ASG Carols Night
Thank you to all the families who attended the ASG Carols Night. It was a special way to finish the school year by joining together as a community to celebrate the magic of Christmas. Melodic student performances entertained the audience, and the narration of Christmas was the perfect reminder for us to slow down and appreciate the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  

2024 Scholarships Open
All Saints Grammar will be participating in the ACER Cooperative Scholarship Testing Program in 2023. The annual ACER examination will be held on Saturday 25 February 2023 at the Secondary Campus. Applications close midnight AEDST Monday 6 February 2023. In addition to the ACER CSTP Examination, the school will offer existing students scholarship opportunities based on academic results and criteria outlined in our Scholarship Policy. If you feel your child will benefit from sitting the ACER CSTP Examination and would like more information on scholarships and registration, please visit our Scholarships page.

I look forward to what the new year will bring. I look forward to working with you, teachers, parents, and dear students, to make sure that every student at our school, can develop their potential and achieve success in one domain or another.

I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and may 2023 be filled with health, peace and happiness for us all. Thank you and God bless.