The secondary years of education provide the foundation for a rich and rewarding life beyond the school gate. Our secondary campus, offers a broad and rigorous curriculum catering for a wide range of educational options that will put students on the path to achieving their career goals.

At All Saints Grammar we are committed to creating and sustaining an educational environment where:

  • Teachers and students are engaged in meaningful, relevant student centred learning
  • Teaching and learning practices are continuously evaluated and revised to ensure innovation and creativity
  • Teaching and learning focuses on self-reflective and collaborative practices
  • Teaching and learning enhances the skills of responsible digital citizens.

Our vision places significance on the development of the student in a holistic manner. Student engagement in the educational experience is an essential part of ensuring improvement in all areas of their lives. In order to promote engagement, the provision of quality learning opportunities is an imperative.

Having commenced in 2016, students participate in our Integrating Technology initiative. Students engage in a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program to assist and enhance their learning. This approach enables a variety of different software applications to be selected and used to suit student requirements and personal preferences. All Saints Grammar is focused on providing a flexible educational learning solution using a range of software that is not device, hardware or operating system specific. Our aim is for students to realise and exploit the advantages of integrating technologies into everyday learning tasks.


Learning Support

A whole school approach to creating an inclusive and supportive academic environment for all students underpins the work of the Learning Support Team.

The Learning Support Team consists of a Learning Support coordinator and two Teacher’s Aides. Their role is to oversee a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary, to support the individual needs of students in order to fully reach their learning potential and to assist them in accessing the educational opportunities offered within the classroom.

Students with individual needs are recognised and supported through their Individual Adjustment Plans which detail a specialised program to meet their needs. This involves communication with teachers, families and specialists on a regular basis in order to maintain a collaborative approach to learning.

Student progress is monitored closely through Years 7 to 12 ensuring that a student with recognised needs has access to an adjusted curriculum and assessment program that includes any special arrangements at HSC level. Support to a student can be given in a variety of ways dependent upon their academic and social needs. This includes consistent classroom support, one on one programs or small group interventions.

Working collaboratively with classroom teachers enables the Learning Support Team to identify and support the individual needs of students by removing barriers to their understanding and progress so that they have increased opportunity to reach their full learning potential.