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TED-Ed Club

Posted on12 Apr 2017
All Saints Grammar is proud to announce the start of an exciting co-curricular activity for 2017, TED-Ed Club. This program supports students

Greek Independence Day

Posted on10 Mar 2017
Greek Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated annually in Greece on March 25, commemorating the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821.

IPSHA Swimming Carnival

Posted on08 Mar 2017
The IPSHA swimming carnival is a progression carnival for independent school students to make the IPSHA Swimming team. Students who make the

Bandaged Bear Appeal

Posted on03 Mar 2017
All Saints Grammar proudly supports the Bandaged Bear Appeal and will be hosting a variety of fun activities on Friday March 24

Year 7 Camp

Posted on20 Feb 2017
On the 15th of February Year 7 students along with their Year 10 Peer Support Leaders spent 3 very busy days at The

Information Tours

Posted on31 Jan 2017
We take pride in developing strong relationships with our families because we understand that productive partnerships help our students reach their full potential. We are

Back to School

Posted on30 Jan 2017
Starting school may be daunting for children but with the right guidance and preparation you can foster a healthy love of learning.

Bunnings Community BBQ

Posted on25 Jan 2017
All Saints Grammar and ASPA (our dedicated and talented parent association), are pleased to announce that on Saturday the 18th of February