All Saints Parents Association (ASPA)

ASPA was created to provide our families with the opportunity to be actively engaged in our children’s education and schooling experience. Our members work closely with our Director of Marketing and Communications and actively participate in special projects and events to raise funds and awareness of our mission; to foster a love of learning and to help each student reach their full potential. The funds raised from our events contribute to improving our children’s education and their school environment which is the primary purpose of the association.

Together we are building a cohesive community spirit at our school.

ASPA is open to all family members and interested members within our local community. We welcome collaborations and people wanting to further develop our learning experience. Our school was built on the support of our local community and so we recognise the importance of strong partnerships because together we can enrich the lives of our students.

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ASPA & Director of Marketing and Communications at the Gala Dinner Fundraiser, October 2016


ASPA Executive:

President Helen Karavitis
Secretary Sylvia Petriotis
Treasurer Chris Papademetriou